John Deere 2850

Dealer number 2524699
Price incl. VAT 13 % 8.900 €
Price excl. VAT 7.876 €
Make John Deere
Model 2850
Year of Build 1989
Hours 13335
Further information
Machinetyp (Condition): Second-hand machine
Advertiser status: Commercial
Make: John Deere
Model: 2850
Year of Build: 1989
Hours: 13335
Power: 59 KW (80 HP)
Speed Km/h: 40
Front Tyre Size: 13.6R24
Rear Tyre Size: 16.9-34


/V:13.6R24 H:16.9R34, HZG; ohne Frontgewichte; Artnr.:68351778, Standort der Maschine: LTC Kalsdorf
Contact Information
Lagerhaus TechnikCenter Kalsdorf
Hauptstrasse 32
A-8401 Kalsdorf
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